In this digital era a lot has changed, education institutions have also migrated to the use of internet and online learning.

One of the best ways of providing high quality education is the ability to provide reliable Internet services to members of staff and students.

This has not been the case with Chancellor College which is one of the constituent colleges of the University of Malawi, located in Zomba.

The college has around 5,000 students in a variety of generic undergraduate programmes and recently those enrolled in Electronic Online learning.

While trying to maintain its commitment to the achieving of sustainable social, economic and technological development in Malawi, the college has been facing challenges with Internet Service Providers (ISPs) they engaged in the previous years.

High price of buying bandwidth which also proved not to be sufficient to meet the demand of its users, has been the order of the day.

In addition, staff members and students especially those doing research and studying through the online distance learning have been having difficulties to access various learning materials or even attending classes due to this set back.

However, since switching to Malawi Research and Education Network (MAREN) in 2020 as the new service provider for research and education institution, ICT operations at the college have improved tremendously.
Acting Information Communication Technology (ICT) Director for Chancellor College Bridget Nyirongo, highlighted that MAREN internet has proved to be very stable and reliable.

In addition, the college is getting a lot of bandwidth at a reasonable price since MAREN has landed the fiber straight into their server room. Slow speeds are now a thing of the past as students and staff at the campus are enjoying thrilling Internet speeds.

With this new connection the college was able to live stream the University of Malawi graduation ceremony without any connectivity problems.

The institution has vowed to continue working with MAREN since it is the only ISP which is reasonably priced and also provides services like Eduroam.